Jam It Mas International is proud to present Papillon for Atlanta Carnival 2022


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Jam It Mas was founded in 2018 by Designer Phylicia Seck aka Ceia and Musical Artist Royland Isaacs aka Dead-Li. Since then Dead-Li has started his own radio station in Guyana, South America and Ceia has started a masquerade band in Decatur, Georgia. 


Jam It Mas was created to educate people about our Guyanese culture and Carnival.  Often Guyana is over looked as a South American country and not a part of the Caribbean. Although this is true, Guyana is the only Native English speaking country in the continent. For that reason and the country's strong cultural, historical and political tides to surrounding Caribbean countries, Guyana was inducted into the Caribbean community; CARICOM.

Its safe to say that now Guyanese people are in positions all over the world and are able to show other what we are really about. Jam It Mas is not just a Guyanese band; All are welcome.